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Adams Fellowships

Adams Fellowships
Mr. Marcel Adams and students during the 2014 Adams Seminar (photo: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities)
The Adams Fellowships Program was established jointly by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Mr. Marcel Adams of Canada. Since its inception in spring 2005, the program has been administered by the Academy and underwritten by Mr. Adams.

The prestigious fellowships designated for outstanding doctoral students in the exact sciences, mathematics and computer science and engineering, have been won so far by 104 promising young Israeli researchers in 11 cycles.
Adams Fellowships are granted each year to about 10 young doctoral students, from the second year of their doctoral studies, for a period of up to 4 consecutive academic years. Candidates are submitted by the academic institutions from among their students, and the fellows receive full exemption from tuition.
Today the fellowships are for $27,000 (USD) a year. In addition the Adams Fellowship Program allots each fellow up to $3,000 USD each year of the fellowship for active participation in international scientific conferences and workshops and recently also for research collaboration or travel to interview for postdoctoral positions abroad, when their travel will contribute meaningfully to furthering their professional careers. Professor Moti Segev currently heads the Steering and Granting Committee of the Adams Fellowship Program. Application is solely through the rectors.
The careful screening processes of the universities and the Academy's professional committee for the program ensure that the grantees represent the spearhead of Israel's future scientists in their fields. Alumni of the program conduct postdoctoral training in the world's most prestigious universities.
In the beginning of 2015 eight new fellows were chosen and they began their fellowships in October 2015. Altogether, to date there were 104 fellows, 77 of them men and 27 women, whose proportion institutionally is 25%. 27 are from the Weizmann Institute, 24 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 20 from Tel-Aviv University, 14 from the Technion, 10 from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 6 from Bar-Ilan University and 2 from Haifa University. Divided into academic disciplines, 30, about half of whom are women – are from medicine and the life sciences, 28 from mathematics and computer science, 19 from physics, 11 from electrical engineering 8 from chemistry, 3 from nano-science and a the odd ones are from ecology, evolution, solar energy and mechanical engineering.
So far there are 73 graduates of the program, 23 of whom returned to faculty positions in Israel, one holds a partially academic position at the Weizmann Institute's Davidson Institute of Science Education. Six hold faculty positions abroad, nine are in the high-tech/bio-tech industries in Israel, one is in industry abroad, two are MD/PhD researchers at the Beilinson Hospital of the Rabin Medical Center and the rest are still in postdoctoral positions in Israel and abroad.
On the bilingual website of the program one can find general information, including Calls for Applications, detailed reporting on all the program's activities, including videos of the lectures and photographs of the seminars, conferences and field trips.
To the Adams Fellowships website:
In order to create a young science community, Adams Fellows are provided with the opportunity to create friendships among themselves through meetings, guest lectures of world-renowned scientists, yearly conferences and seminars, all of which take place at the Academy, where the fellows and alumni of all classes meet.
On January 27th the yearly conference for 2015 took place, chaired by the then Chair of the Adams Fellowship Committee Professor Amiram Grinvald and with the participation of Professor Itamar Willner, Academy Chairperson for the Natural Sciences. Following were the guest lecturers: Professor David Harel, Academy Member and Professor of Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science who lectured on "Excellence or Professionalism", Professor Jacob Bekenstein Z"L, Academy Member and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who lectured on "Thermodynamics: From Steam Engines to Black Holes", and Professor Chava Turniansky, Academy Member and Professor of Yiddish Literature at the Hebrew University, who lectured on "Hebrew and Yiddish: Two Languages, One Society". A poster competition was held where first prize for the amount of 1,500 NIS was won by Sharon Fleisher and 2 second prizes were won by Rivka Bekenstein and Einat Seidel-Posner who received 750 NIS each.
Study Field Trips are part of the informal meetings of the Adams Fellows, as part of the effort to enable fellows coming from various universities and disciplines to get to know one another. On May 20, 2014 the third field trip visited Ein Avdat, Ben-Gurion's Hut in Sde Boker and the Carasso Science Park in Beer-Sheva.
The Adams Seminar for 2015 took place on May 17th marking Mr. Adams' 95th birthday, with the participation of his family. The guest lecturer was Professor Chaim Cedar who lectured on "Annotating the Genome". Sylvan Adams and Linda Adams Troy, Mr. Adams' son and daughter represented him at the fellowship granting ceremony.
On May 28th the Academy held its first Science Communication Workshop for the Adams Fellows. The workshop is to provide the young researchers with the practical tools to effectively present their research in front of audiences and the camera, making their science available through mass communication in lectures and presentations at scientific conferences.
On January 19th the Annual Adams Conference for 2016 took place. The guest lecturers were Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at the Weizmann Institute, who lectured on "Towards a Natural Neuroscience of Navigation in Bats" and Professor Nirit Dudovich, Member of the Israel Young Academy, Professor of Physics at the Weizmann Institute, who lectured on "Ultrafast Photography". Following lunch there was a scientific poster competition. Ariel Afek and Itai Roffman each received a first prize of 1,500 NIS and Ido Sagi won the second prize of 750 NIS. Following the poster competition, Professor Ruth Gavison, Academy Member and Professor of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem lectured on "Constitutional Entrenchment of Israel's Vision?"
Throughout the years, Professor Ruth Arnon, immediate past President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, has been disturbed by the hardships encountered by women researchers in travelling abroad for postdoctoral training upon completion of their PhDs. For a variety of reasons, women researchers, especially those with families, have a difficult time financially in making the move that is so essential for advancing their academic careers. Professor Arnon has therefore most generously presented the Academy with a gift to establish a fund for the encouragement of Adams Women Alumnae to travel abroad for postdoctoral training upon completion of their doctorates. Each year, one Adams Alumna will be presented with a Fellowship for the amount of $20,000, supplementary to her postdoctoral fellowship. The winner will be selected by the Adams Fellowship Committee solely on the basis of excellence in research.
To view the personal pages of the Adams Fellows and Alumni, visit the Adams Fellowships website: