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President and Director's office

Prof. Nili Cohen President 02-5676204
Ms. Galia Finzi Executive Director 02-5676204

Executive Staff

Tali Amir Director & Chief Editor
Publication Department
Merav AtarCoordinator of the Israel Young Academy, Special Projects 02-5676205
Avital Baer Spokesperson and Director of
Media and Public Relations
Sima Daniel Secretary, the Humanities Division
Gadi Levin Deputy Director,
Finance and Administration
Bob Lapidot Director of the International Division 02-5676221
Dr. Menny Kirma Secretary, the Sciences Division 02-5676220
Batsheva Shor Director of Special Projects:
Adams Fellowship Program,
Contact Center for Israeli Researchers

Administrative Staff

Yossi Aflalo Maintenance and Equipment 02-5676239
Dganit Azar President and Director office, Human Resources  02-5676204
Ziva DekelHumanities Division02-5676209
Rivka Gabriel Secretary, Administration and Finance 02-5676222
Deborah Greniman Editor, English-Language Publications
Ruth Hasson Office of the International Division 02-5676253
Yael Kinar Events and Project Manager, Media and Public Relations 02-5676257
Aviva Levy Natural Sciences Division 02-5676256
Cochi Mymaran Maintenance and purchasing 02-5676240
Yehuda Greenbaum Production, Publications Department 02-5676258
Yaakov Rothmann Computing 02-5676211
Rita Sapozhnikov Marketing and Distribution
Publications Department
Alla Badalian Accounts Department 02-5676229
Elena Ioffe Accountant 02-5676226
Michael Zagoury Maintenance Manager 02-5676200


Israel Science Foundation Office 02-5885404
The Initiative for Applied
Research in Education
Office 02-6221582