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50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and Israel

Date & Time: October 12, 2015, at 19:15
at the Academy, 43 Jabotinsky street, Jerusalem
18:30 Reception
19:15 Chair: Prof. Guy G. Stroumsa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Prof. Nili Cohen, President, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Enno Aufderheide, Secretary General of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
His Excellency Dr. Clemens von Goetze, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the State of Israel
Mr. Emmanuel Nahshon, Spokesman of the Israeli Foreign Ministry
Musical Interlude
Keynote Lecture
Prof. Ruth HaCohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Director of The Martin Buber Society of Fellows
Musical Currents and Performative Traditions in Palestine/Israel and Germany in the Long Twentieth Century
Musical Postlude