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The fourteenth international colloquium From Jahiliyya to Islam

Date & Time: Monday–Thursday, July 1–4, 2019, at 09:30
Location: at the Academy, 43 Jabotinsky street, Jerusalem
On July 1–4, the Israel Academy hosted the fourteenth international colloquium “From Jahiliyya to Islam,” dealing with multiple subjects in the history and culture of Islam in its early centuries. Twenty-seven scholars from Italy, the U.S., Bulgaria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Canada and Israel took part in the colloquium. One of its sessions was dedicated to the memory of Prof. Israel Friedländer, a pioneering researcher of Shi’i Islam and Judaeo-Arabic who was murdered in Ukraine in 1920 while on a relief mission for Ukrainian Jews organized by the Joint Distribution Committee.
On the last day of the colloquium, Dr. Taufiq Da’adli of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem led a tour of the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum.
The papers presented at the colloquium will be published in Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam, issued by the Institute of Asian and African Studies of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.