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Examining The Proposal to Establish a User Facilityat the Israeli FEL Laboratory

Report and Recommendations of the Committee for Examining the Proposal to Establish a User Facility
at the Israeli FEL Laboratory at Ariel
June 2001

FEL (Free Electronic Lasers) is a facility in which coherent electromagnetic radiation is created by a passage of an electron beam in a periodic field. FEL facilities exist today (or are under supervision) in the world, using various acceleration methods for the electron beam.
The FEL Consortium, headed by Prof. Avraham Gover of Tel Aviv University, acts as an agent of the Association for the Development of Radiation Sources headed by Prof. Y. Ne´eman (Tel Aviv University). Its members are Tel Aviv and Be´er Sheva Universities, The College of Judea and Samaria at Ariel, The Nuclear Research Center Negev and RAFAEL (Israel Armament Development Authority). At the request of the Ministries of Science and Defense, initiated by the Consortium, a committee was appointed by Prof. Yaacov Ziv, President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, to examine a proposal to establish a service laboratory for FEL users at the FEL facility in Ariel, ´´due to the size of the potential user community, taking into account the possibility of using the European FEL services open today to Israeli scientists.´´
The Committee examined the establishment of a user laboratory only.
It carried out its work in the following manner:
1. A questionnaire circulated to actual and potential users of the service
2. Evaluation of the questionnaire
3. Study and consultation
4. Discussion with Prof. A. Gover, Head of the Consortium
5. Concluding discussion.
Summary of conclusions and recommendations:
1. The Committee recommends supporting the establishment and operation of two user laboratories:
a. An open laboratory for communication, distant sensing, advanced radar, transmission of energy through the atmosphere, etc.
b. A simulation/bio-medical laboratory for medical and non-medical simulation, interaction of tissues and biological models with radiation within the wavelengths of the FEL. This laboratory could by used for spectroscopic measurements requiring this.
2. The future establishment of a service laboratory for the topic of materials should be examined, when feasibility and desirability studies in this area will be available.
3. Although financing was not included in the terms of reference of the Committee, it recommends financing the necessary equipment for establishing the two laboratories, as well as technical manpower for the establishment period only (three years); but not administrative staff. The Committee also recommends to assist in funding - even partial - the upgrading of the FEL facility to the level of ability needed for carrying out the recommended scientific program.

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