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Encouragement of the Study of Sciences and Technology among Youth

Workshop for the Encouragement of the Study of Sciences and Technology among Youth
30 October, 2002

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss ways of promoting motivation among young people to study sciences and technology in academic frameworks.
Experts active in the area took part in the workshop, presented their work and proposed mechanisms of action for the future.
The discussion centered on the application of effective activities in the future through understanding the frame of mind of young people and their attitude toward the study of sciences and technology.
Lectures presented:
- The study of sciences in the educational system
- current situation
- Rules and challenges in encouraging youth to study sciences.
- Breaking away from study frameworks in the teaching of science and technology at school: potentials and problems 
- The view of pupils and society about studying sciences and technology
- Advances in teaching sciences and technology
- Support of projects promoting the study of mathematics, sciences and technology
- Aspects of intervention programs for promoting the study of sciences and technology
- Industry and education for science and technology.
At the beginning of the discussion, representatives of bodies that had not presented their activities at the workshop described their work:
- The Atidim Project, preparing young people from the periphery for the Academic Reserve of the IDF.
- The Talpiot Project, a joint project of the IDF and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: a nine year  program that includes three and a half years of preparation: a first degree in mathematics and sciences; an officers´ course; and a round of the various military units in order to gain acquaintance with them. Then, five and a half years of R&D service in the IDF.
- Information was also presented about various programs and initiatives throughout  the country.
The discussion centered on the role and contribution of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in fostering the topic at hand.
At the end of the workshop, a proposal was made to hold a further workshop on the topic.
* The Report (in Hebrew) - (105 pages)  is  availbale for you perusal in the Academy Library; Additional copies are available upon request (while supplies last) - by pressing the ´´Send E-mail´´ button above.
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