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Promoting Science, Education and Society: The Academy- Government Challenge

International workshop
held at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
May 17-18, 2004


Science is constantly expanding both in its contributions to national competitiveness and its share of national budgets


- What is the role of national academies of sciences in this rapidly changing environment? 

- What do governments, industry and society as a whole now expect from national academies, and how can these expectations be met while balancing academic freedom, public funding and societal pressures? 

- How do these new opportunities affect the national academy-government relationship, and how, at the highest levels of national science policy, can the unique long-term contributions of a fully autonomous, objective body of scholars be protected from the clamor of short-term political interests?

- How have various countries, large and small, faced such pressing issues, and with what results?

The workshop was distinguished by the seniority of its participants, who provided a valuable glimpse of the joint challenges national academies and governments face as they promote science, education, industrial competitiveness and social equity in an increasingly interconnected world.
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