Issue no. 22
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Issue no. 22

Issue no. 22
The Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo
No. 22, December 1997
Director’s Note, by Sasson Somekh
“Almost Like Home,” by Nava Semel
The Kibbutz as Reality and Utopia: Mimesis and Representation of a Cultural Concept, by Ziva Ben-Porat
From Certainty to Chaos: The Representation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Israeli Cinema, by Orly Lubin
Psychobiographies of Israeli Women Authors, by Amia Lieblich
Remarks on Mamluk Architecture in Cairo, by Hana Taragan
Yiddish Echoes in Contemporary Jewish-American Literature, by Hana Wirth-Nesher
In Arabic:
Three Poets: Arabic Poems by Nida Khouri, Tsipi Sharoor and Shawqiya Uruq-Mansour
The Oriental Flavor of Hebrew Popular Songs, by Inbal Perlson
The Acquisition of Spoken and Literary Arabic among Arab Children in Israel, by Judith Rosenhouse
Cover Illustration: Naguib Mahfouz in the Champs Elysées Café in Alexandria
Director: Sasson Somekh; Managing Editor: Deborah Greniman; Production Supervisor: Gideon Stern
The Bulletin is a publication of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Israel Oriental Society