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Ten outstanding doctoral students of the Sciences received the Adams Fellowship

Adams Fellowships of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities are considered the most prestigious of Israel. Marcel Adams arrived to Israel to grant the fellowships and celebrate his 93rd birthday.
The Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities welcomes the New, Ninth Class, of Adams Fellows:
Mr. Ariel Afek, Ben-Gurion University
Mr. Yoav Bauman, Hebrew University
Mr. Ronen Dar, Tel-Aviv University
Ms. Anna Frishman, Weizmann Institute
Ms. Livnat Jerby Arnon, Tel-Aviv University
Mr. Assaf Manor, The Technion
Ms. Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Weizmann Institute
Mr. Liran Rotem, Tel-Aviv University
Mr. Eitan Schechtman, Hebrew University
Mr. Avishay Tal, Weizmann Institute
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The Academy is closed for vacation from Tuesday, August 14th, through Monday, August 27th 2012.

Messages, including RSVPs, will be handled upon our return.
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Academy Report: Biodiversity Research and Higher Education at the Research Universities of Israel

Is the university system ready to meet the needs of the State of Israel in biodiversity research and higher education?
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A New Campaign by the Academy - Registration to the CONTACT CENTER

2,119 Israeli researchers interested in returning to Israel are registered with the "Contact Center". For details and registration click to the right
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A rare and exceptional exhibition exposes for the first time the complete original manuscripts of Albert Einstein’s historic General Theory of Relativity

The exhibition that marks the jubilee anniversary of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, opened to the science loving public on March 7th at the Academy in Jerusalem. The exhibition will take place until March 23rd.
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Jubilee at the Academy

The Academy is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The inaugural meetings took place in December 1959 and February 1960.
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The Israel Academy is immensely proud to wholeheartedly congratulate Prof. Ada Yonath upon being

Professor Yonath, the fourth Academy Member
to be awarded a Nobel Prize, was elected to the Academy in the year 2000. To view her personal card on the Academy's website
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