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Dr. Chen Sun

Dr. Sun is currently a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Tomer Volansky at Tel Aviv University. He also works closely with Prof. Kfir Blum at Weizmann Institute of Science. His main research interests center around astrophysical probes of particle physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM), including axion physics, dark matter, neutrino physics, gravitational wave, and EFTs in astronomical and particle data. He received his Ph.D. in May 2017 from Virginia Tech under the supervision of Prof. Tatsu Takeuchi.
Trained as a particle physicist, Dr. Sun focuses on revealing fundamental physics beyond the current Standard Model framework in both astrophysical observation and particle datasets. Thanks to the fast improvement in astronomy observations in recent years, he demonstrated in a recent work that cosmic distance measurements using Type Ia Supernovae and Galaxy Clusters can result in strong constraints on the coupling between axions and photons. In a separate work, he demonstrated that ancient supernova remnants are good transient radio sources that provide one of the most sensitive probes of axion-photon coupling in a certain mass range, observable at the Square Kilometer Array.
Outside physics, Dr. Sun enjoys reading social psychology as a hobby, tweaking and customizing Emacs/Linux, blogging physics at, and cooking.