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Dr. Yang Li

Dr. Li, a graduate of the College of Chemistry at Jilin University in China, established a simple and reliable method to analyze the four-molecular DNA i-motif structure by SERS rapid detection. This approach significantly improves the range of SERS applications, not only for single-stranded DNA and single-base detection, but also for detecting multi-molecular complex DNA molecules and rapid acquisition of structural information for DNA G-quadruplexes. For the first time, high-intensity peaks corresponding to dG and dA ring breathing variations located in the G-quartet plane were reported. Yang Li successfully developed a method for reliable, sensitive and truly label-free determination of double-stranded DNA hybridization with carefully designed DNA strands in aqueous solutions. With the introduction of dichloromethane as an interfacial agent in the aqueous solution, Yang Li modified the existing SERS method to make it a more novel method for detection of long-chain double-stranded DNA.
Dr. Li has three publications in prominent scientific journals and is an outstanding graduate of Jilin University. He will be doing his postdoctoral research under the guidance of Prof. Sanford Ruhman of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.