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Past events

An evening in memory of Prof. Ezra Fleisher

Took place on Tuesday, (12/9/06) at 16:30 at the Israel Academy

The 2006 Award Ceremony for
Researcher-Physician Fellowships

Took place on Wednesday, (26/7/06) at 16:30 at the Israel Academy

The 80th Birthday of
Professor H.M. Daleski

Aspects of the English Novel

A study evening honoring Prof. Yechekel Stein
on his 80th birthday

Took place on Monday, (15/5/06) at the Israel Academy

The Annual Albert Einstein
Memorial Lecture

Prof. Shlomo Sternberg
"Einstein’s Principle of General Covariance
and Its Generalizations to the Passive Equations of Physics"

Guest Lecture:
Prof. Eliezer Oren
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

"New Research on Temples and Rites in the Ancient Near East in the Middle Bronze Age"

The Sixteenth Annual Lecture
in Memory of
Prof. Shlomo Pines

Prof. Eva Brann
St. John´s College, Annapolis
Gave a lucture on
"The Music of Plato´s Republic"

Ubiquitin in Biology and Medicine

A Symposium at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Monday, 31 October 2005
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