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Adams Fellowships

Adams Fellowships
Mr. Marcel Adams and students during the 2014 Adams Seminar (photo: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities)
The Adams Fellowships Program was established jointly by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Mr. Marcel Adams of Canada. Since its inception in spring 2005, the program has been administered by the Academy and underwritten by Mr. Adams.

The prestigious Adams Fellowships, designated for outstanding doctoral students in the exact sciences, mathematics and computer science and engineering, have been awarded so far to 119 promising young Israeli researchers in thirteen cycles.
Adams Fellowships are granted each year to about eight young doctoral students in the second year of their doctoral studies, for periods of up to four consecutive academic years. Candidates are submitted by the academic institutions from among their students. The fellows receive full exemption from tuition.
Today each fellowship is in the amount of $27,000 (USD) per year. In addition, the Adams Fellowship Program allots each fellow up to $3,000 per year of the fellowship for active participation in international scientific conferences and workshops, research collaboration or travel to interview for postdoctoral positions abroad, when their travel will contribute meaningfully to furthering their professional careers. Professor Moti Segev currently heads the Steering and Granting Committee of the Adams Fellowship Program. Application is solely through the rectors of Israel’s research universities.
The careful screening processes conducted by the universities and the Academy's professional committee for the program ensure that the grantees represent the elite of Israel's future scientists in their fields. The 119 fellows to date – 86 men and 33 women – include 32 in the fields of medicine and the life sciences, 32 in mathematics and computer science, 22 in physics, 13 in electrical engineering, 10 in chemistry, 3 in nano-science, 2 in engineering and industrial management, 2 in mechanical engineering, and one each in ecology, evolution and solar energy.
The Adams Fellows, a cadre of Israel's most outstanding young researchers, boast impressive achievements in research and publications in the most prominent professional journals, such as Science, PNAS and Cell. They have been accepted for postdoctoral training in the world’s most prestigious institutions, such as Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale and the Broad Institute, and they are sought out to fill faculty positions in Israel and abroad.
As of October 2017, the program will have 92 graduates, 30 of whom have returned to faculty positions in Israel. Six hold faculty positions abroad, fourteen are in the high-tech/bio-tech industries in Israel, three are in industry abroad, two are MD/PhD researchers at the Beilinson Hospital of the Rabin Medical Center, four are in postdoctoral positions in Israel and 33 are still in postdoctoral positions abroad.
The Adams Steering and Approval Committee is headed by Professor Mordechai (Moti) Segev.
The following doctoral students were awarded Adams Fellowships for 2017-2018:
Mr. Leon Anavy, The Technion,   Computer Science
Mr. Evgeniy Boyko, The Technion,   Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Shachar Carmeli ,Weizmann Institute of Science, Mathematics
Mr. Tuvia Gefen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Physics
Ms. Bracha Laufer-Goldshtein, Bar-Ilan University,  Electrical Engineering
Mr. Ofer Neufeld, The Technion,   Physics
Ms. Inbal Oz, Tel Aviv University,  Chemistry
Mr. Or Yair, The Technion Electrical, Engineering
The program’s bilingual (English/Hebrew) website contains information on the fellows of previous cycles and the personal pages of all current fellows and alumni. It also displays general information, including Calls for Applications and detailed reports on the program's activities, including videos of the lectures and photographs taken at program-sponsored seminars, conferences and field trips.
To the Adams Fellowships website:
In order to create a young science community, Adams Fellows and alumni are provided with the opportunity to create friendships among themselves through meetings, lectures by world-renowned scientists, and annual conferences and seminars, all of which take place at the Academy. They also participate in field trips and in Science Communication Workshops, which prepare them to present their research at international conferences.
The 2017 annual conference took place on January 31, 2017, chaired by Professor Moti Segev and with the participation of Professor Nili Cohen, President of the Academy. The guest lecturers were: Professor Robert Aumann, Academy Member and Nobel Laureate in economics, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem ("Why Consciousness?"); Professor Ron Milo, Member of the Israel Young Academy and professor of plant and environmental sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science ("Using Evolution to Teach Bacteria to Turn CO2 into Sugars"); Professor Uri Sivan, professor of physics and nanotechnology at the Technion ("Water and the Hydrophobic Interaction in 10,000,000 X Magnification"); and Professor Gil Troy, professor of history at McGill University and visiting professor at the University of Haifa and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya ("A Zionist Playbook for Israeli Post-Docs and Young Academics Studying Abroad"). In a poster competition judged by three Adams Alumni, Ido Sagi won the first prize in the amount of NIS 1,500, and Omri Azencot and Yannai Gonczarowski won second prizes of 750 NIS each.
On May 28, 2017, a Science Communication Workshop was held at the Academy for the active fellows. The workshop is meant to provide the young researchers with practical techniques for presenting their research effectively in lectures and presentations at scientific conferences, before audiences and the camera, and for making their science accessible through the media. Led by three teams of experts, the workshop comprised both theoretical sessions and practical ones, at which the participants delivered lectures which were filmed and analyzed for feedback. The fellows finished their long day exhausted but satisfied that it was well worth the effort.
The 2017 Adams Seminar took place on July 6, 2017, with the participation of the family of Mr. Marcel Adams. Academy President Professor Nili Cohen spoke, and Professor Moti Segev, Chair of the Adams Fellowship Committee, greeted the audience and introduced the speaker, Professor Menahem Yaari, who established the Adams Fellowship Program in 2005 during his term as Academy President. Professor Yaari, professor (emeritus) of mathematical economics at the Hebrew University, lectured on "Justice and the Market". Mr. Adams' son and daughter, Sylvan Adams and Linda Adams-Troy, represented their father, and his grandson Aviv Troy spoke for the Adams family at the fellowship awards ceremony. The event concluded with a festive dinner, at which Professor Nili Cohen raised a toast in honor of Mr. Marcel Adams' 97th birthday.