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Past events

The Relevance of Philosophy in the Contemporary Arab World

by Prof. Sari Nusseibeh
President of Al-Quds University

´´The Image of Moses as Legislator and Socio-Religious Reformer in Hellenistic Times´´

Prof. Betzalel Bar-Cochva of the Tel-Aviv University;

Chair: Prof. Benjamin Isaac

Prof. Israel Yevin - Celebrating his 80th Birthday

Reception and Evening in Honor of the 80th birthday of Prof. Israel Yivin

Chair: Prof. Gideon Goldenberg

Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannnoudji at the Academy
The James Franck German - Israel Binational Program 2002

James Franck Memorial Lecture: Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannnoudji ´´Manipulating Atoms with Light- Ultracold Atoms and Matter Waves´´

Academy General Assembly 2002

Open Assembly. Inaugural addresses by new members of the Academy: Prof. Josef Imri, Prof. Joseph Bernstein, Prof. Avraham Hershko (elected 2000), Prof Itamar Willner, Prof. Asher Koriat.

SESAME - Synchrotron - Application in the Middle East

Guest Lecture: Prof. Herwig Schopper, ´´The SESAME Middle-East (Synchrotron) Light source: Status and Perspective´´.

Evening in Memory of Prof. Jacob L. Talmon.

Lecture By Prof. Dan Dinur, ´´On the Mapping of Time- Period, Paradigm and Memory upon Leaving the Twentieth Century´´.
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