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Dr. Otniel E. Dror (Chair)

 Dr. Otniel E. Dror (Chair)

Otniel E. Dror, MD, Ph D in history, is the Joel Wilbush Chair in Medical Anthropology at The Hebrew University Medical Faculty. He specializes in the history of the modern Western life sciences and medicine. His research studies the interface and interrelationships between science and society.

He was and is currently active in several ethics committees—in the Israeli Ministry of Health, in UNESCO, and at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Membership in committees—The National Helsinki Committee of Israel in the Ministry of Health (from 2008-present); The Israeli Council for Animal Experimentation in the Ministry of health (2004-2011, 2017-present); UNESCO Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology—Israel (COMEST, 2010-2013); Chair of the Ethics Committee for Non-Medical Human Research in the Faculties of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and the Natural Sciences (2005-2011, 2014-2016), where he is currently also a member.

He has taught and teaches a variety of ethics courses in science/medicine: ethics and genetics, ethics of public health, research ethics, animal and veterinary ethics.

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