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Caner Unal

Caner Unal graduated with a double major in Physics and Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He received his PhD in Theoretical Cosmology and High Energy Physics from the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Prof. Marco Peloso. After his PhD, he participated in the CEICO research team at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, focusing on cosmology, high energy theory and gravitation.
Caner has conducted research on various topics in cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics, including inflationary universe, cosmological perturbations, axion physics, gravitational wave backgrounds with distinct origins, primordial black holes, jet production in black holes and superradiance.
Starting in 2021, Caner will be working with Prof. Ely Kovetz and his research group at the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies at Ben-Gurion University to broaden our understanding of the fundamentals of the universe from the perspectives of cosmology, astrophysics and gravitation. With his interest in geography, history and gastronomy, he also plans to experience Israel’s culture and nature in depth.