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Dr. Maor Farid

Maor Farid is a Fulbright and ISEF postdoctoral fellow at the Stochastic Analysis and Nonlinear Dynamics Lab at MIT. Farid obtained his BSc (2013) and MSc (2015) in mechanical engineering with honors from the Technion. He completed his PhD at 24, with the support of the Prime Minister’s Office, as the youngest graduate in his year at the Technion, in parallel with his military service in the Israel Defense Forces. He served as a captain in the 'Brakim' excellence program as an R&D engineer in the Israel Prime Minister's Office and an artificial intelligence researcher and commander in the Data Science team of Unit 8200. He was recognized as an “Outstanding Scientist” – one of the top three academics in the military – for his scientific contributions.
Farid served as an external lecturer at Ben-Gurion University in an original course he developed, entitled “Modelling and Analysis of Dynamical Systems,” and was acknowledged for his teaching skills. He is the director of the ScienceAbroad center for Israeli scientists at MIT and founder and CEO of the Lilmod Lehatsliach (Hebrew: Learn to Succeed) association, a non-profit organization aiming to empower youth at risk and undergraduate students from the Israeli periphery. His Hebrew book Learn to Succeed was a best-seller in Israel in 2019.
Among other awards, he is the recipient of the Moskowitz and "Spirit of Zion" Awards for leadership and social activism, and he was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. In 2020, Dr. Farid was selected for the leadership program of Harvard Kennedy School for emerging and promising leaders. He holds eleven patents. His research interests focus on nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, machine learning and artificial intelligence.