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Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannnoudji at the Academy
The James Franck German - Israel Binational Program 2002

James Franck Memorial Lecture: Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannnoudji ´´Manipulating Atoms with Light- Ultracold Atoms and Matter Waves´´
Date & Time: 17/12/2002
The James Franck German - Israel Binational Program
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The 2002 James Franck Symposium

Nir Davidson, Dept. of Physics of Complex Systems, WIS
Ultra Cold Atoms Trapped in Optical Billiards: Dynamics and Spectroscopy Meet

Zohar Amitay, Department of Chemistry, Technion - IIT
Femtosecond Coherent Control of Small Molecules for Information Processing

Ron Folman, University of Heidelberg and BGU
Manipulating Ultra Cold Atoms on Atom Chips

Ronnie Kosloff, Institute of Chemistry, HU
Quantum Refrigerators

Uzi Even, School of Chemistry, TAU
The limits of Cooling by Supersonic Expansion

The 2002 James Franck Memorial Lecture

Prof. C. Cohen-Tannoudji
College de France

Manipulating atoms with light - Ultracold atoms and matter waves