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The Fund for the Advancement of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Israel

The Fund's purpose is to further humanities and social sciences research in Israel, by funding seminars, interdisciplinary workshops and grants for bringing renowned scholars from abroad to Israel and for sending young Israeli scholars abroad.


Funding is available for seminars in the humanities and social sciences, in areas of importance to the State of Israel, with the goal of expanding knowledge in innovative fields and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, under the guidance of leading scholars from Israel and abroad.
Supported seminars are meant to provide researchers in relevant fields throughout the country with an opportunity to come together and draw the maximum benefit from debating the subject under discussion. For this reason, the organizing committee must comprise faculty from at least two academic institutions in the field, and the seminar must be open to participants from all the research universities and institutes in Israel.
In order to create an appropriate ambience for inquiry and to enable ongoing interaction among students, young researchers, Israeli academics and scholars invited from abroad, it is preferable that the seminar be held at a retreat, away from the city and the participating institutions, for a duration of four to five days. In addition to open lectures, the seminar must comprise meetings and discussions between the lecturers and small groups of students, who will dedicate all their time to this purpose throughout the days of the seminar. This will allow the guest lecturers to become personally acquainted with the students, evaluate their abilities and plan future collaborations.
Financial support of up to US$ 40,000 is available for seminars of this kind. No deduction of overheads is allowed.

Guidelines (in Hebrew)

Interdisciplinary Workshops

The Fund will support interdisciplinary workshops intended to bring together Israeli researchers from different fields to discuss scholarly issues from varying points of view and to facilitate cooperation.
Interdisciplinary research is central to modern scholarship. The Fund attributes great importance to furthering innovative interdisciplinary research in Israel, by bringing together research cohorts from Israel's universities to create new "scientific infrastructures."
Supported two-day workshops will be in fields of the humanities and social sciences and in areas of the natural sciences with an affinity to the humanities and social sciences, on subjects of an innovative and interdisciplinary nature. The organizing committee must comprise faculty from at least two Israeli academic institutions.
Workshop participants should number about 20 academics in various disciplines and about 20 advanced students from a number of research institutions in Israel. Up to eight distinguished researchers from abroad may be invited to lecture. This number includes both invited talks and contributed talks. Additional funding may be requested in order to bring no more than two additional researchers from abroad as Fellows.
The seminar must create an appropriate ambience for inquiry, in a manner allowing ongoing interaction among the young researchers, the Israeli academics and those invited from abroad. It is therefore recommended that the workshop be held in a retreat outside the city, away from the participating institutions.
The maximum support for such a workshop is US$ 10,000. No deduction of overheads is allowed.
An application for an additional workshop on the same subject may be submitted a few years later.
Any faculty member of an academic institution in Israel may submit a workshop proposal.


Grants for Distinguished Scholars

The Fund will support the invitation of leading scholars from around the world to visit Israel for several days in order to meet with Israeli academics and students and exchange knowledge, views and ideas in their disciplines. The program is intended for scholars in the fields of the humanities and social sciences.
Grants of up to US$ 5,000 are offered for this purpose. No deduction of overheads is allowed. Any faculty member of an academic institution in Israel may submit a fellowship proposal.

Grants for Young Israeli Scholars

Grants are offered to young Israeli scholars for a month or two of advanced training in humanities or social science research and methods at libraries, archives, laboratories and other suitable frameworks abroad.
Travel for the purpose of finding a postdoctoral position or participating in postdoctoral training is not supported. The grantee may participate in academic activity (conferences, workshops, courses) while abroad, as long as this is not the main purpose of the trip.
The awardee must return to his/her academic institution in Israel immediately upon completion of the training period for which the grant was given.
The grants, in the amount of up to US$ 5,000, are intended to cover the awardee’s travel and accommodation expenses.
Grants may be awarded to doctoral students at any university in Israel and to researchers up to 10 years after receipt of their PhD. Priority will be given to young researchers who do not have an advanced study fund (keren hishtalmut).
Grant applications must be submitted by the candidate at least 2 months prior to departure.
Assessment of the proposal will focus on the excellence of the candidate, the quality of the proposal and the distinction of the host institution.
Guidelines (in Hebrew)