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Center for Knowledge and Research in Education

The Yozma, a unit of the Academy created in 2003 on the initiative of Academy President Professor Menahem Yaari, provides advice to the government in the field of education. Its goal is to bring research-based knowledge to the attention of decision-makers for use in making policy and improving the Israeli educational system.
The Yozma operates in several channels, foremost among them the convening of multidisciplinary expert  “Consensus committees” to examine essential issues relating to the education system, by the invitation of agencies in the Ministry of Education. 
The committees operate in cooperation with these agencies while strictly maintaining their autonomy and academic freedom. Their reports present multifaceted, up-to-date assessments of the topic, conclusions, and practical recommendations. Another channel of activity is expert teams of researchers and educators who work together to create an implementable product.
Major recently completed and ongoing projects include the following:
The way teachers learn from filmed lessons
Therapeutic intervention options for children with developmental problems or disorders
The possible reorganization of Israel’s education systems so as to adjust it to the challenges of the 21st century
Language and literacy
The values the pedagogical system ought to uphold and instill
Kindergarten best-practice educational strategies
The connection between the growing social-economic inequality and equal opportunities and achievements in the educational system
Assessment of what can be learned from observing study groups
Ways to enhance the influence of excellent teachers
Teacher-parent communication 
Further information can be found on the Center's website: