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Center for Knowledge and Research in Education

The Center for Knowledge and Research in Education (HaYozma in Hebrew) provides Israeli decision-makers in the field of education with the most up-to-date research-based, critically appraised knowledge so that they can better formulate policy and design interventions that improve achievements in Israeli education.
The Center is responsible for all consultation services on education-related issues provided by the Academy to the Israeli government and various national authorities.
Major recently completed and ongoing projects include the following:
The way teachers learn from filmed lessons
Therapeutic intervention options for children with developmental problems or disorders
The possible reorganization of Israel’s education systems so as to adjust it to the challenges of the 21st century
Language and literacy
The values the pedagogical system ought to uphold and instill
Kindergarten best-practice educational strategies
The connection between the growing social-economic inequality and equal opportunities and achievements in the educational system
Assessment of what can be learned from observing study groups
Ways to enhance the influence of excellent teachers
Teacher-parent communication 
Further information can be found on the Center's website: