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Biotechnology in Israel at the Post-Genomic Era

Biotechnology in Israel in the Post-Genomic Era

Proceedings of a Conference Held
at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
 February 12, 2001

Biotechnology is the upcoming important field in the development of sophisticated industry in Israel. How well is Israel equipped to exploit this development? The conference was called in order to discuss this issue, and to examine to what degree the manpower and the research potential required for developing the next stage of biotechnological industry is available in Israel.
- Ephraim Katzir: The beginnings of biotechnology in Israel and its achievements to date
- Hermona Sorek: Molecular genetics in the post-genomic era
- Yosef Yarden: Biotechnological research in Israel
- Haim Aviv: The future of biotechnological industry
- First session: Training of professional manpower in the universities
- Second session: Basic research and infrastructure of biotechnology at the universities
- Third session: Factors affecting the development of biotechnological industry in Israel.

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