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Abstract: The Impact of Israel Patent Office Activity on Local Industry and on the Promotion of R&D in Israel

In its capacity as an advisor to the government on activities of national importance relating to research and science policy, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities was asked by the Ministry of Justice to conduct an academic study of the impact of Israel Patent Office activity on local industry and on the promotion of R&D in Israel, and to review the full scope of the activities of the Patent Office in relation to intellectual property rights and to the advancement of economic growth in Israel.
To this end, a committee was formed. Its members, appointed by the President of the Israel Academy, Prof. Nili Cohen, were:
  1. Prof. Joseph Kost, Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Chairman)
  2. Prof. Elhanan Helpman, Tel Aviv University and Harvard University
  3. Prof. Michael Birnhack, Tel Aviv University
  4. Prof. Talia Fisher, Tel Aviv University
Additional participants in the committee’s activities:
Dr. Shlomi Parizat (Consultant)
Dr. Menny Kirma, Secretary, Natural Sciences Division of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Coordinator)