Issue no. 20
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Issue no. 20

Issue no. 20
The Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo
No. 20, April 1997

Director’s Note, by Sasson Somkeh
The Road to Victoria, by Sami Michael
The Dybbuk and the Profanatory Now, by Yossi Yzraely
Actors on Hobby Horses: The Participation of Jews in the Transmission of Theatrical Traditions in Egypt and North Africa, by Shmuel Moreh
Jewish Life and Sites in Cairo, by Yoram Meital
How People Began to Read Newspapers in the Middle East, by Ami Ayalon
Mamluk Egypt as the Bulwark of the Islamic World against the Mongols¸ by Reuven Amitai-Preiss
The Mythological Mosaic Pavement of Sheikh Zouéde in Northern Sinai, by Asher Ovadiah, Carla Gomez de Silva, and Sonia Mucznik
In Arabic:
From the Archives of the Cairo Jewish Community, by Nabawi Serag
The Center for Arabic Children’s Literature, by Naim Araydi
The Road to Victoria, by Sami Michael
Director: Sasson Somekh; Managing Editor: Deborah Greniman; Production Supervisor: Gideon Stern
The Bulletin is a publication of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Israel Oriental Society