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The Royal Society

The Royal Society

An Agreement for Scientific Cooperation was signed the British Royal Society in 1967, and was renewed in 2015, and in 2020.

At a ceremony held at the Royal Society in April 2015, a new agreement was signed by then president of the Academy, Prof. Ruth Arnon, and then president of the Royal Society, Prof. Paul Nurse. The Agreement outlined three areas of activity: Research workshops, short lecture visits by senior scientists, and prestigious post-doctoral fellowships.

In November 2015 Academy president Prof. Nili Cohen took part in the UK-Israel Science Days in London, attended by scientists and industrialists from Israel and the UK sponsored by the Royal Society and BIRAX - the Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership. This was followed by a visit to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities by Prof. Anthony Cheetham and Prof. Sir John Skehel of the Royal Society to discuss future activities.

In April 2016 Israel Academy president, Prof. Nili Cohen, visited the Royal Society and it was decided to launch the Ralph Kohn Memorial Seminar Series on Science, Technology and Ethics, a series of bilateral conferences, the first of which would be dedicated to “Privacy”.

In September 2016 the two academies held a joint bilateral workshop entitled “Materials for Energy,” in Chicheley Hall, UK. Eight Israeli scientists and ten British scientists participated.

A seminar entitled, “Privacy in the Technological Era,” held in October 2017 at the Academy in Jerusalem, launched the Ralph Kohn Memorial Seminar Series on Science, Technology and Ethics. Seven scientists from each side participated, and the organizing committee included Academy president Prof. Nili Cohen.

In March 2018 the two academies held a joint bilateral workshop on “Genome Stability and Dynamics” in Jerusalem, led by Academy member Prof. Yossi Shilo. Twenty-four prominent scientists from Israel and Britain presented lectures to an audience of dozens of researchers and research students from Israel. Thirty-two young researchers displayed posters at the workshop.

The two academies held their next joint bilateral workshop in March 2019 on “Ensuring Water Safety in a Changing Climate by Enhanced Water and Wastewater Treatment,” in Chicheley Hall, UK, led by Royal Society Fellow Prof. David Graham and Israel Academy member Prof. Gedeon Dagan. Ten Israeli scholars and four early-career researchers participated together with eight British scholars and three British early career researchers.

The Agreement for Scientific Cooperation was renewed in Jerusalem in February 2020 by president of the Royal Society, Nobel laureate Sir Venki Ramakrishnan and Israel Academy president Prof. Nili Cohen. The renewed agreement establishes collaboration channels for the next five years: biennial scientific workshops and postdoctoral fellowships based on excellence.

In February 2020, another bilateral conference was held in Jerusalem on Structural Biology: The Molecular Fabric of Life, attended by 22 leading scientists from the United Kingdom and Israel, including four Nobel laureates, and more than 200 scholars and students in the audience. The organizers of the conference were Prof. Nathan Nelson of Tel Aviv University and Prof. Joel Sussman of the Weizmann Institute of Science, in collaboration with Nobel laureate and Academy Member Prof. Ada Yonat; President of the Royal Society, Nobel laureate Dr. Venki Ramakrishnan and Nobel laureate Dr. Richard Henderson from the University of Cambridge.