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Andrea Caputo

Andrea Caputo graduated cum laude in theoretical physics in 2016 from the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he worked on CMB data and neutrino physics. After receiving his degree in Rome, he moved to Valencia, where he started a Marie Curie PhD Fellowship in the ITN Network Elusives.
In the course of his PhD research, Andrea worked on different areas of particle and astroparticle physics, with a particular interest to the possibility of detecting dark matter using both astrophysical and cosmological data. In particular, he proposed new searches for axion particles, as well as a new approach to treating superfluid helium dark matter detectors within the framework of quantum field theory. He has also been a visiting researcher at Cern Theory Division, Columbia University, and Johns Hopkins University.
From September, Andrea will be a Foreign Postdoctoral Fellow at Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Dr. Michael Geller, working on new ways to detect dark matter, as well as developing new theoretical ideas to connect quantum field theory and cosmology.