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Márk Poór

Márk Poór received his BSc and MSc with honours from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. During his PhD studies (2016–2020), in which, under the supervision of Prof. Márton Elekes, he studied set theoretical aspects of exceptional sets of topological groups, he was the recipient of Hungary’s New National Excellence Program Scholarship. His broader research interests include combinatorial set theory, set theory of the real line, descriptive set theory and theory of Polish groups. His dissertation contains solutions to problems posed by A. Roslanowski and S. Shelah, U. Darji and S. Solecki. Independently of his doctoral research, he also succeeded in solving problems posed by J. Mycielski and P. Erdős. He currently has eleven papers published or soon to be published in leading scientific journals.
At The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Márk will be working with Prof. Saharon Shelah, continuing their ongoing projects on canonizing partition relations and Kurepa trees. As Israel has long been the strongest center of set theory research, he expects his collaboration with Prof. Shelah and the set theory community in Israel to be very fruitful and to provide him with the best possible environment in which to continue his research and establish his career as an independent scientist.