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Dr. Hagai Diamandi

Hilel Hagai Diamandi received his BSc in electrical engineering summa cum laude from the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University (BIU). He continued to MSc and PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Avi Zadok in the same faculty. Hagai's research focuses on interactions between light waves and acoustic waves in optical waveguides. He and his colleagues have addressed such opto-mechanical interactions in multiple optical fiber platforms, including standard, polarization-maintaining and multi-core fibers. These interactions were analyzed, demonstrated, and employed toward all-optical signal processing, distributed sensing of different environmental parameters along the fiber's path, radio-frequency oscillators, and lasers. During his graduate studies, Hagai also served as a teaching assistant and a lecturer in several undergraduate courses in electrical engineering.
In the course of his doctoral studies, which were supported by the Azrieli Fellowship program, Hagai won several distinctions, including the Intel award, the BIU Rector's award for undergraduate students (twice), and the Rector's award for graduate students. He is the first author of several published articles and has presented at multiple international conferences.
Hagai will begin his postdoctoral research in October 2021 in the laboratory of Prof. Yonina Eldar at the Weizmann Institute. His postdoctoral work will focus on projects combining intelligent data acquisition and smart signal processing of data from optical systems.
Hagai is married to Gila, a medical doctor, and is the father of Ori, Merav and Nili.