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Dr. Oren Elishav

Oren Elishav received his BSc in biochemical engineering and his MSc in energy engineering with honors from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. In the course of his MSc, he investigated the utilization of alternative fuels by evaluating their environmental impact and economic potential. He identified the need to convert renewable hydrogen to other vital commodities such as hydrocarbons, methanol, and nitrogen-based compounds. However, the effective conversion of hydrogen to these carriers is still lacking and requires useful catalysts with high conversion and selectivity for desired products. During his PhD, under the supervision of Prof. Gideon Grader and Dr. Gennady Shter, Oren investigated novel metal-oxide nanostructured catalysts for energy storage and conversion. He discovered new ways to control the morphology of complex metal-oxide nanofibers and revealed the interplay between the obtained structures and the catalytic performance of these materials. Several excellent scholarships and awards supported his MSc and PhD studies.
As an interdisciplinary researcher, Oren is seeking to acquire new knowledge and expertise in computational chemistry and machine learning algorithms. Under the supervision of Dr. Barak Hirshberg at Tel-Aviv University, he intends to develop computational methods for describing preferential crystallization of molecular solids from first principles. This work could uncover the microscopic mechanisms governing the rate, thermodynamics, and selective production of complex molecular solids. This computational approach is not limited to a specific production technique and is expected to find practical applications in additional systems.